Since 2000 IT Robotics has been a reference company and has led the transformation in several industrial fields through process automation by using industrial robotics.

We are an engineering company specialized in industrial robot integration for different applications in the most varied production sectors. Any industry is susceptible to be automated, hence we study in detail every automation design required by our clients, suggesting the best solution in each case.


We develop varied applications in different kind of companies, from industrial companies of our area up to great multinationals with factories all over the world, providing our clients with all our innovativeness, technology and experience.

Each project and each client is unique, so from it Robotics we offer an application completely custom made, developed with the cutting-edge technology of the moment, delivered turnkey, ready to be used and to get the highest performance of the installation.

Palletizing, welding, manipulation or inspection are common routine tasks in any production process. Our applications are developed to perform this work automatically and effectively, by integrating industrial robots, computer applications and artificial vision systems which provide the highest degree of technological solution to your installation.