About Us

“IT INFOTEC ROBOTICS, S.L. is a global engineering company based in Elche (Alicante - Spain), specialized in the design, manufacturing and selling of turnkey industrial automation applications. These applications include advanced systems and technological components such as anthropomorphic industrial robots, artificial vision systems, self developed software for the applications control and communication. We are a reference company in the industrial robotics sector.


Since 2000 IT Robotics has been a reference company and has led the transformation in several industrial fields through process automation by using industrial robotics. We are an engineering company...


IT-ROBOTICS AROUND THE WORLD We are a company globally focused. Our applications are installed in different parts of the world. We export our industrial robotics solutions to countries such as...

Working method


Palletizing, welding, manipulation or inspection are common routine tasks in any production process. Our applications are developed to perform this work automatically and effectively, by integrating industrial robots, computer applications and artificial vision systems which provide the highest degree of technological solution to your installation.



From it Robotics we offer services of technical support, maintenance and training adapted to each project. Our goal: maximize effectiveness in each installation.

Technical support