Quality Policy

IT ROBOTICS is a company in the industrial sector whose scope is: INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS INTEGRATION.

The company’s management, aware of its commitment to satisfy the needs of its customers and continually improve its services, to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the products supplied, has established the following quality policy:

“To continue being an entrepreneurial company and the best valued by our customers in terms of the quality of our services and our concern for our customers; thanks to our commitment to meet customer requirements, the regulations applicable to our services. All this to continuously improve the efficiency of our management system.”

This Policy is developed in the following basic principles that constitute our philosophy:

– All our actions must be geared towards making our customers of today want to continue being so tomorrow, both for our innovative activity and for our involvement.

– Only by providing quality services and relationships can we count on the trust of our customers in the long term.

– We undertake to comply with the applicable legal requirements and others that the organization subscribes related.

– Strive for the maximum satisfaction of our customers, by complying with their express and implicit requirements and with the applicable legal requirements.

– Our quality towards a customer passes through our responsibility at work.

– As a complement, the self-imposed commitment to have certifications of recognized prestige with our systems with respect to the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard

– Continuously improve our services and the effectiveness of our management system.

– Only by constantly offering training to our staff can we improve our options.

– We must maintain an entity that generates materialisable wealth in the continuous improvement and satisfaction of all interested parties.

– IT ROBOTICS management undertakes to consider and acknowledge all the contributions and suggestions of its employees aimed at improving quality, working methods or any system or element that facilitates the improvement of results.

– Our suppliers are a fundamental pillar in the quality of services.

– Management commits that its Quality Policy, integrated within its Quality Management System, is understood, implemented and updated at all levels of the organization, and is available to all relevant stakeholders.

Therefore, this policy and the principles that support it are published for the knowledge of all Employees and must be assumed and shared by our entire organization.


Approved by DG:
General Manager
Date: 20-May-2020